Alberta may not go to British Columbia for a cup of sugar anytime soon

The neighbourly impacts of the B.C. election on Canada's market access

What’s Up.

Today, B.C. residents are heading to the polls to vote in a provincial election with results that threaten Canadians access to new and growing markets. The future of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline depends on the neighbourly support from the front-runners of B.C.’s provincial election.

Broken Down.

Whether Liberal Premier Christy Clark or NDP leader John Horgan win today’s vote, Alberta faces an uphill battle against their anti-trade platforms. Throughout his campaign, John Horgan has been outspoken, regarding his stance on the future of the pipeline; ensuring his electorate that the pipeline will not be built with him as premier. Clark on the other hand, proposes a $1B fee over 20 years to transport Alberta oil across B.C. in order to proceed with the pipeline.

Are the front-runners of the B.C. election acting in the best interests of Canada’s economic prosperity? With the Federal Government already approving the pipeline, how much time, money, and jobs will be impacted before the Kinder Morgan pipeline is actually built?