West Coast Access and Clark Clinging On

Can B.C. Premier Clark cling to her majority and give Albertans access to new markets?  

What’s Up.

The results of last night’s British Columbia election are in. As of now, the Liberals have claimed 43 seats, which is just one seat shy of a safe majority. Sitting at 41 seats, the NDP are a close second, and in dead last is the Green Party with a measly 3 seats.

Broken Down.

Sounds surprising, but the only party that should be celebrating this year's BC election is the Green Party. At first glance the party lost by a landslide, but in actuality, they currently hold the most power.

Why? Well this rare occasion is commonly referred to as coalition. Coalitions exists when two parties join forces to outnumber the party in power. Which means, the NDP haven’t lost the race yet and have an opportunity to steal Liberal leader Christy Clark’s seat from beneath her. Will the minority stick or will a coalition transpire? Well, the last time BC had a minority government in power was 65 years ago, odds are, a deal is underway.  

Broken Down Even More.   

Depending on which way things teeter will have a big impact on Alberta. During their campaigns both the Green and NDP parties were adamant that no pipelines be built across B.C. Liberal premier Christy Clark and the Federal Government have already agreed to the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline, but this coalition could stop the pipeline and international access in its tracks. Alberta will be sitting on pins and needles waiting for the outcome.

Can B.C. Premier Clark cling to her majority and give Albertans access to new markets? Or will the coalition mean an end to a west coast pipeline?