Debunking Coal vs. Climate Change

Exploring the impact, what's at stake and the consequences of switching out coal-generated electricity for greener energy.

What's up?

Budget 2017 highlights the key aspects of Alberta's Climate Leadership Plan, the NDP government's plan to ditch the title of the dirtiest province in Canada.

Broken down.

We all have our feelings about the carbon tax imposed at the beginning of this year, but it’s one of the next steps proposed — switching out coal-generated electricity for greener energy — that warrants our attention.

  • What does eliminating coal-generated pollution by 2030 really look like?
  • What’s at stake if we go coal-free?
  • Will it really have a meaningful impact on our ability to achieve our climate goals? 
  • And is it worth it?

As this subject becomes more prominent in the public forum, it’s important to understand the options on the table.  We’re dedicating this space to diving deeper into this discussion, understanding what’s at stake, what can really make a difference, and what should matter to you.  Stick with us as we learn about this along with you.



Photo credit: MineHealth