Battle of the Interns

Come work for a dynamic media start-up and be part of our quest for the truth. We are looking for Calgary's brightest, boldest, most creative and unconventional thinkers to join our team. Never before has the media been more confusing and mistrusting and we're looking for people to help us disrupt common thinking and challenge the status quo. 


We are looking for these types of Debunkers to join our team: 

  • Writers/Researchers: You have a sharp mind, a strong understanding of a wide variety of topics, an ability to simplify complexities and a desire to uncover the unique angle to the story. The writer/researcher will gather, distill, understand and develop content for Debunk.

  • Producers: You have a creative mind and are skilled in design, photography, video, clever copy and unique engagement. You excel at efficiency, managing tight deadlines and acting quickly to bring the stories of Debunk to life in an unforgettable way.

  • Influencers: You have the most followers, get the most likes and your selfie game is strong. And you have full permission to live on your phone as our are eyes, ears and hashtags to ensure our social media presence is engaging, creative, and innovative.