What's up. Broken down.


Welcome to Debunk.

We simplify the news, unknown truths and tough realities that we face today. Our focus is on energy. We value our quality of life. We value a strong economy.  We value the environment… All factors that rely on hydrocarbons. 

We aren’t tree huggers. And we aren’t dirty oil exploiters. We love travel, technology, innovation, fashion, sports, the arts and our favourite products from all over the world… including avocados on toast. 

And we love our planet too. 

But above all… We are proud to be Canadian. And Canada has the best energy industry in the world.  



So why are we doing this? 

Love it or hate it… we all need hydrocarbons.  Quite frankly… our lives would be pretty dull without it. 

Our mission is to create a united Canada that supports Canadian energy.  As Canadians, we know the value in our resources. We see a lot of people and organizations advocating against us - and now we’re here to fight for it. 



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